The Importance of a Simple, Intuitive Design

As a general rule, a website application is a tool that is intended to help you, the user, in some way. You can balance your budget, explore a new neighborhood, virtually visit a gallery, or simply pass the time with friends on various website apps. There may be many options out there that provide the same outcome in different ways, so how can an app stand out in that crowd?


DataPoint stands out by being quick, helpful, and on-task. There are many tasks that traffic professionals need to handle throughout their workdays, and fighting with their data management system should not be on that list. That’s why DataPoint was designed to be simple and intuitive; to allow those professionals to log in, find their information, and get it out of the app easily so they can make the important decisions without struggling around the obstacles that yet another program puts in their way.


The map-based view, simple workflows, and descriptive graphs are familiar website elements that provide the context and sense of place that is needed to be confident and comfortable about your data. The fewer unfamiliar or unhelpful features, the less time you need to waste learning a new platform.


Distilling the complicated array of traffic data down to something simple to understand and utilize is one of the primary goals of DataPoint. Simplifying the display of stations and providing a summary of the station’s highlight data allows users to quickly pinpoint the proper information without the need to reference a cheat-sheet of a dozen symbols or abbreviations.


Navigating from screen to screen is clearly marked by buttons that do what they say and breadcrumbs that lead you back home. Your options are all right there on the screen instead of tucked away behind layers of pop-out menus and proper permissions. With a simple and intuitive design, DataPoint is that trusty, helpful tool in your daily toolbox – get in, get your data, and get moving!