DataPoint: Inspiration & Design

Quality Counts works closely with small to mid-sized public agencies that have regularly expressed dissatisfaction with the existing data management platforms currently on the market. In an effort to simplify the data management practices for our clients, our team at QC has developed DataPoint – a simple and intuitive data platform to store midblock, turning movement count, and bicycle/pedestrian data.

During development we communicated closely with our public partners to understand their precise needs and desires in a platform and created a solution tailored to fit them. Our vision was to have a tool that was simple, intuitive and easy for agencies to use and adopt. DataPoint’s sleek interface and simplified UI enables you to upload, search, retrieve and share data with industry leading performance.

Our software application features include drag-and-drop data uploading, team and user management tools, intersection and midblock station management and effortless data export features all in a centralized, scalable and secure cloud platform.

DataPoint modernizes the management of transportation data with a feature set and pricing model that fits the needs of small to medium-sized organizations like yours. DataPoint was created for public agencies to help them simplify their business processes.

New features will be rolled out over time, at no additional cost, with no disruption of service. Stakeholder friendly data sharing adds value to your organization, peers and constituents. In addition to the DataPoint platform, our team may also provide data management services, such as uploading historical data records, so that your team can make more informed and data-driven decisions!